Filing For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

It is disheartening how fast overdue bills can get out of hand and jeopardize your financial standing. Once one bill is paid late, it seems to have a cascading effect on the rest of the bills. Soon, you are defaulting on your home mortgage loan and receive a home foreclosure notice.

At Vail A. Kaufman, P.A., in Greenbelt, Maryland, our attorneys help clients throughout Prince George's County catch up on overdue bills and get their financial life back together through Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Get The Time You Need To Pay Off Your Debts

While Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not right for everyone, it can mean financial salvation for certain debtors. Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers what many debtors need. All creditor actions against you stop. Your debt is organized, prioritized and consolidated into a repayment plan paid off over a period of three to five years. All debt is considered and each debt is dealt with.

Some debt must be paid in full while other debt may receive considerably less than 100 percent of principal. How much a particular Chapter 13 debtor would have to pay each month is based on many factors but is based heavily on what the debtor can afford and is not based on what the creditors would like to receive.

Rather than trying to keep up on current payments and manage outstanding debt, the debtor has the opportunity to maintain current finances while making one manageable payment each month to a bankruptcy trustee who will disburse payments to creditors.

Regain Control Of Your Finances. Call Us For Help.

Filing for consumer bankruptcy could be your best decision. The bankruptcy lawyers in this office recognize that you need information and answers to your questions. We offer experienced, informative and understanding legal counsel. We can provide you with the opportunity to reclaim control of your finances and your future.

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