Going Through Divorce And Bankruptcy

Separation and divorce are complicated enough. Add financial distress to the mix, and the situation can become too complicated for most people to work through. Too complicated, at least, without the assistance of a law firm with expertise in both divorce and bankruptcy matters.

The divorce and bankruptcy attorneys at Vail A. Kaufman, P.A., with offices in Greenbelt and Columbia, Maryland, understand the unique legal issues concerning debt and divorce, and can help you come through in the best position possible for your situation. Debt relief options we can pursue on your behalf include Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

File For Bankruptcy First? File For Divorce First? We Can Help.

If you are deeply in debt and considering a divorce or separation, it could be beneficial to both you and your soon-to-be ex to resolve your financial issues first. But that requires a level of cooperation between you and your spouse that just might not be possible.

If you are the one who comes into our office alone then it is you who is our client and our job is your best interests in both the bankruptcy and any divorce. If you come in together we have two clients. We can do the bankruptcy, but we could not handle the divorce for either of you.

When people are married and living together, there are two incomes serving one household. Separation creates two households to be maintained on the same income. Everyone's standard of living goes down and debt looms larger than ever. Separation and divorce are leading causes of the need for bankruptcy. Your new life needs to include a fresh financial start. Even if you are unsure about divorcing, and merely wish to separate, it is wise to address your debts early, so you do not continue to bear the weight of debts that should no longer be your responsibility.

Don't Be Held Liable For Your Ex's Debts

If you separate but remain married, you might still be held responsible for debts your spouse acquires. If you divorce, any debts you or your spouse acquired while married can still become your responsibility, in part or in whole, to repay.

Most divorced and separated individuals lose one of two incomes while incurring a raft of new expenses, including legal fees, housing costs, alimony, child support and other child care costs. Adding new burdens to old debts can be too much to handle, even for individuals with good jobs and steady income.

Start Your New Life Debt-Free. Contact Us For A Free Consultation.

By clearing your financial slate before entering into the new reality of single life, you can do yourself and your children an immense favor. For more information and a free consultation with an experienced Greenbelt divorce and bankruptcy lawyer, contact Vail A. Kaufman, P.A., online or by calling 800-724-1621 or 301-850-2470.

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