Dividing Property In A Fair Manner

Dividing property during a divorce isn't only about who gets the dining room set or who gets the big screen TV.

It also includes life insurance policies, brokerage accounts, retirement benefits and all other assets that can be considered marital assets subject to division.

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'Equitable Distribution' In Maryland Is Not Necessarily Equal

Maryland is an equitable distribution state. This means that if divorcing spouses cannot agree on settlement terms, the divorce court will divide their marital assets for them.

This division is required to be equitable, but this does not mean it must be equal. Maryland courts have the latitude to consider several factors when deciding what parts of the marital estate should go to whom.

These factors can include each spouse's:

  • Financial situation and prospects
  • Assets and property acquired within the marriage
  • Monetary and nonmonetary contributions to the marriage
  • Age and health
  • Marriage length
  • Misconduct that may have led to the divorce
  • Amount of alimony awarded

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