Accidents Caused By Inadequate Security

When a person is physically assaulted, mugged, raped or otherwise harmed while on a property, it is often more than a case of bad luck or being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Property owners and managers owe a duty of safety to the people who use their properties. When proper security is not provided to ensure safety, and a visitor or business invitee, is injured as a result, a case for inadequate security can be made in court.

Injured On An Unsafe Premises? Our Lawyers Can Help.

At Vail A. Kaufman, P.A., with offices in Greenbelt and Columbia, Maryland, we represent injured clients and their surviving family members in personal injury lawsuits involving inadequate security in suburban Maryland, including Prince George's, Montgomery and Howard counties. Our attorneys have more than 25 years of experience in representing clients.

If you were injured, or your loved one was killed due to inadequate security at an apartment complex, school, hospital, workplace, supermarket, park, retail store, private home or other public and private space, we can help you to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, therapies, disabilities and wrongful death.

Did Inadequate Security Cause My Injury?

Our Greenbelt inadequate security attorneys are well-versed in premises liability law and the circumstances that can result in an inadequate security judgment.

If the addition of a security guard, locking system or another security measure could have prevented the terrible thing that happened to you — or if those measures were poorly implemented — there is a good chance that you have a claim that a court would consider valid.

A key to a successful security negligence case is gathering evidence that demonstrates how negligence occurred and how it could have been avoided. Our experienced attorneys are tenacious evidence gatherers. Retain us, and we will comb through the evidence, including bills, receipts, security camera footage, equipment maintenance records, employee arrest records, and prior reports of inadequate security.

After convincingly demonstrating that security negligence occurred, we can hold the negligent party (or parties) accountable for their actions or inaction that led to your predicament. Our track record of results is convincing, and we will fight for your recovery every step of the way.

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